Aircraft Painting

  • Free estimates
  • Complete paint strip and refinish
  • Custom graphics and layouts
  • Sheet metal, dent repair, airframe repairs
  • N number changes
  • Insurance repair work
  • Detailing

We carry the top of the line aerospace products

Paint Process

Initial inspection of the aircraft is necessary
Strip Aircraft – Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Stripper )
Prep aircraft for stripping process
Tape / Cover sensitive areas, windows are double wrapped

NOTE: Any areas with bondo / filler will be repaired. We do not know what is under the paint until it is stripped.

Prep aircraft for paint

Tape / Cover sensitive areas
Acid Etch- before primer and paint will adhere properly to a metal surface, it must be etched. Etching is a process that removes oxidation and microscopically roughens the surface.
Alodine- a chromate conversion coating, this conversion coating helps protect the aluminum from corrosion in the field, and it helps with paint adhesion.
Plastics, fiberglass, composites- will be mechanically stripped and any repairs will be made

Paint Aircraft 

Prime– a strontium- chromate based corrosion-resistant primer designed to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance for aerospace applications.
Design scheme– stripes and/or logo to be determined, a template is used.
Basecoat– a 3.5 VOC compliant, high solids, high-performance urethane basecoat designed for aviation / aerospace applications. It is formulated to deliver excellent appearance and durability and is available in solid, metallic-effect, and pearl-effect mixed colors.
Clear coat– a 3.5 VOC compliant, high solids, urethane clear coat designed to deliver high performance, excellent appearance, durability and application.

Finishing Touches

Placards– Placards are installed in accordance with Chapter 11 of the Maintenance Manual prior to the clearing process.
Flight Controls– Balanced and Installed in accordance with Chapter 27 of the Maintenance Manual
Complete Weight & Balance in accordance with Flight Manual and/or Chapter six of the Maintenance Manual

Additional Charges

Bright work- polish 
Radome Boot 
Stainless Steel Screw Package- to include Camloc’s and / or Dzus 
Chaffing Tape 
RVSM Certification- if required, some RVSM installations require certain recertification’s after painting in accordance with approved documents 
De-Ice Boot- If installed edge sealer is reapplied – 
Window / antennas- sealant is applied to these areas – 
Landing Gear- brakes and wheel assemblies (not including the wheel wells) are prepped and painted 
Wheel Wells 

*An initial inspection of the aircraft is necessary in order to identify any discrepancies that may cause an issue with painting your aircraft, i.e. windows, flight controls, skin surfaces, etc. If any discrepancies (corrosion / damage) are found that are airworthy issues the owner will be notified.